BMI and ABSI body mass index

Your ABSI measurement predicts your relative mortality risk. This score is complementary to BMI and other risk factors.
A higher ABSI score indicates a higher mortality risk. A score of 1 denotes an average risk of mortality when compared to others. When you arrive at a score less than 1, it indicates a lesser than average mortality risk. For e.g.: A score of 0.7 means a 30% lower of dying than the average. On the other hand, a score of 1.3 indicates a 30% greater than average risk.

Fill in the details in the form below and click on calculate button to see your health index. It will show you the computed BMI and the status in addition to the ABSI values. There is more to this – you can change the weight in the form and derive some satisfaction in seeing your BMI value and the status change directly before your eyes. At the least you know how many pounds you need to lose to reach the target.

Herr is the form:


VD: QMI Quality Management Training Institute

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