Gurka, cucumber och diabetes

According to Latest Research in the field of Diabetes,Cucumber is considered a potential Drug for Diabetes.This article tries to gain further insight.


What was known from the Research?

  • The roots of the vegetable Cucumber were found to be effective in diabetes control by the scientists.
  • The extracts from the roots were given to experimental rats with diabetes.
  • It was observed that the glucose tolerance in these rats increased significantly.
  • Efforts are to replicate the effect on the humans too.
  • The findings of the research were presented at the Diabetes UK’s Annual Professional Conference in Glasglow in the beginning of 2009.


Complementary Therapy and Ethnobotany are the areas to be explored further,according to Dr Iain Frame,Director of Research at Diabetes UK.



Anti-diabetic Benefits of Cucumber:

Beta cells present in the pancreas produce the hormone insulin.Cucumber is found to possess a hormone required by the beta cells in the insulin production.Moreover, the Glycemic Index of cumcumber is found to be zero.Every food item contains essential nutrients in varied proportions.The presence of the nutrient carbohydrate and its effect on the body is measured by the quantity Glycemic Index.The carbohydrates are primarily responsible for raise in the glucose level.But the carbohydrates present in the cucumber is easily digestible in a diabetes patient’s stomach.That is why,the Glycemic Index of this vegetable is Zero.This keeps the glucose level after the intake of this vegetable in check.A Supplement called Spiny Sea Cucumber Extract Powder is found to be effective in combating Diabetes.




VD: QMI Quality Management Training Institute

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