Blodsocker värde

Normalt blodsocker eller diabetes?

Normalt blodsocker ligger ungefär mellan 4-6 mmol/l(*) fastande, och upp till max 8,7 (7,8) efter måltid.

Pre-diabetes kan man ha, om man uppmäter fasteblodsocker mellan 6,1-7,0 eller om blodsockret icke-fastande är 8,7-12,1 (7,8-11,1).

Diabetes anses man ha vid två fasteblodsocker >7,0 eller vid icke-fastande >12,2 (>11,1).


What should glucose levels be?

The ideal values are:

  • 4 to 7mmol/l before meals
  • less than 10mmol/l 90 minutes after a meal
  • around 8mmol/l at bed time.


Canadian Glucose Levels to Diagnose
Diabetes & Pre-diabetes

Fasting Glucose (mmol/L) 2 hr after eating or75-gram OGTT (mmol/L)
Pre-diabetes: IFG 6.1 – 6.9 and < 7.8
Pre-diabetes: IGT < 6.1 and 7.8 – 11.0
Pre-diabetes: IFG & IGT 6.1 – 6.9 and 7.8 – 11.0
Diabetes 7* or 11.1*
*A confirmatory test must be made on another day (except in the case of unequivocal hyperglycemia with metabolic decompensation).IFG = Impaired fasting glucoseIGT = Impaired glucose toleranceOGTT = Oral glucose tolerance test

The guidelines blood sugar levels for diagnosing diabetes have changed over the years. They’re lower now. And we now have a classification called ”pre-diabetes”. And this year, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) dropped the level at which you can be classified as having ”pre-diabetes”. Why? Because at these new ”pre-diabetes” glucose levels they are finding damage to the eyes and cardiovascular system.

If you have slightly elevated glucose levels (pre-diabetes) , know this amazing tidbit:

The Diabetes Prevention Study shows that losing 5-7 % of your weight, exercising for 1/2 hr per day and following a healthy diet can reduce your risk of getting diabetes by up to 58%!.

Glucose Guidelines (targets) for Diabetes

ADA(mg/dl) AACE(mg/dl) CDA(mmol/L)
Fasting Glucose 70-130 < 110 4 – 7(4 – 6 if safe is no longer a general guideline)
2 hr after eating < 180 as peak blood sugar after eating regardless of time < 140 5 – 10(5-8 if unable to achieve A1c < 7% and not at risk for hypoglycemia)
A1c (glycosylated hemoglobin) < 7%(< 6% if safe) < 6.5%(< 0.065) <7% (< 0.070)(<6.5% if need to lower risk nephropathy and weighed against risk for hypoglycemia)
ADA = American Diabetes AssociationAACE = American Assoc. Clinical EndocrinologistsCDA = Canadian Diabetes Association


Och alarmerande forskningsrapporter:

Research Connecting Organ Damage with Blood Sugar Level

The studies you will read below, some of which are not cited in the AACE guidelines, make a cogent case that post-meal blood sugars of 140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/L) and higher and fasting blood sugars over 100 mg/dl (5.6 mmol/L) cause permanent organ damage and cause diabetes to progress.


VD: QMI Quality Management Training Institute

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